'We-Music,' 'We-Party' music and dance the week
WESTMINSTER, Calif. (NV) - Every Saturday night, Bleu Night Club dance in Westminster, Southern California, will host two music shows, "We-Music" from 7 pm 9pm, and "We-Party" from 9pm to 12 noon.

Both programs have the participation of singers Huệ Quyen, Luu Viet Hung, Le Hoang Hiep, MC Viet Hoang and My Hanh. The program also has the participation of many friends and guests famous.

Hu Quyen graduated from Hanoi College of Music and Culture in 1996, after only a short time she joined Saigon and joined the Tic Tic group. Huu Quyen has been living in the United States since 2002, and until now has had two CDs, "You Still Bad" and "Where Is Happiness?". This is a song that is loved by music fans as " Beautiful, weird, and attractive to listeners. "

Owning a high profile, bright face, and strong voice, Luu Viet Hung has affirmed his position in the hearts of music lovers long ago. As for singer / songwriter Le Hoang Hiep, overseas audiences saw him debuting on the CD "Canh Vanh" last year, with such songs as "Blue Road," " "" About Me "... will bring exciting atmosphere in the night music.

The program has livestream Facebook for distant audiences. (V.D.T.)