Dig Bitcoin to bring shovels to dig like coal, dig gold?

Bitcoin is like gold in the virtual world of internet. Gold, Bitcoin or currencies in general are intermediaries to exchange goods around the world.

For example, you have bread, and you want milk. You can change it directly, but it's a bit inconvenient, because cows do not always want your bread, they need something else. So you swap bread for gold (sell) and bring gold for milk (buy).

Before using gold, people used a variety of tools such as shells, turtle shell, stone, leaves ... But these tools have some disadvantages such as: bulky, difficult to split, easy Easy to grow, or pick up.

So finally, gold has been chosen as a universal tool, as gold is easy to carry, easy to split up, easy to maintain (less oxidized gold) and can not create more in the world but only in quantity. limited.