Wave Editor 2 Express



 I'm having exactly the same problem upgrading from PowerDirector 9. WaveEditor refuses to install. Customer support has had me try a clean install TWICE to no avail.

My suspicion is that the upgrade version of PD11 is just like the trial version in that it does NOT come with WaveEditor. Instead, it relies on a previous installation of WaveEditor from the older version of PD already on the customer's computer. This creates a problem for people like me who prefer to delete older versions of applications and do a clean install of upgrades (unless specifically instructed NOT to delete an older version).

To test my theory, I used WinRAR to view all the files and directories on the upgrade .exe file of PD11 and found there are absolutely no files or directories referencing WaveEditor. I looked at my older PD9 installation file and WaveEditor IS in a subdirectory called \WVEditor. This subdirector contains all the necessary files to install WaveEditor. Such a subdirectory does NOT exist in the PD11 upgrade .exe file.

I'd like customer support to prove my theory wrong, but I've yet to hear back from them on this.

We'll see.
Here's the latest from Tech Support where you can get a copy of Wave Express 2 and how to install:

Regarding your concern, please refer to the points below:

1. Please remove WaveEditor from control panel.

2. Please download WaveEditor program from link below:


3. Unzip "WVEditor2_v3206.zip" and double click on "Setup.exe" to install WaveEditor.